2019 Show results

The 2019 Garage Brewed Moto Show – This year the show had over 130 entries which was painstakingly whittled down to 63 bikes which are then invited to attend by our selection committee. The exhibitors put a lot of time, energy and passion into bringing their best bikes to the event for your enjoyment.  Our panel of distinguished judges which change every year just like the bikes, pick the best in each category. This year a whole new Moped/Mini/Scooter class had emerged! The only exception is the People’s choice award which was voted by secret ballot by attendees.  Winners received a “Grophie” (Growler trophy) custom printed by Haney The Ultimate Packaging Microfactory

The winners from our 2019 entrants are shown below and we’d like to give them all a huge thank you and round of applause.  We thank them for braving the cold weather this year!  Show your love via social media with hash tags of #GarageBrewed .  And we’d like to thank all who exhibited bikes.  They were all top notch and provided attendees with a lot of inspiration and admiration for the bikes.  We tip our hats (and helmets). 

Garage Custom Category:

  1. Bike #22 Adam Shriner – 1981 XS650 Yamaha Bobber 
  2. Bike #25   Brandon Miller   – 1980 Harley Davidson Shovel Head Chopper
  3. Bike #26  Keith Eads – 1999 Buell 1200 “Twist of Fate”

Pro Custom Category:

  1. Bike #59  Scott Thomae  – 2007 Ironhogz Cycles Board tracker
  2. Bike #41  David Drury/Scott Halblieb – 2014 Honda Goldwing Valkyrie
  3. Bike #52  Dani Pajak/Disowned Customs – 1980 Honda CX500

Classic Category:

  1. Bike #15  Beverly and Rocky Corsmeier- 1937 Indian 
  2. Bike #2  Donovon Levon- 1975 Yamaha DT250 
  3. Bike #6  Tom Miller- 1954 Harley Davidson Panhead

Race Bike Category:

  1. Bike #77 Don Blitz/Richard Klatt- 1956 Matchless G45 race bike
  2. Bike #73 Karen and Steve Lambert – 1975 Bultaco Astro
  3. Bike #72 Jim Lee – 1967 Aermacchi HD


  1. Bike #8 Tim Mings/Barry Shoenberger-Tohatsu Trailmaster 
  2. Bike #31 Jay Fink- 2017 Monster Moto
  3. Bike #29 Mark Radlinski-1981 Vespa “Kirby”

Cincinnati Cafe Racers member Garage Brewed Class

  1.  Bike#3 Chris Heck-1968 Triumph T100C

People’s Choice Award:

  1. Bike #58 David Wagner, Jordan Schank, Shane Richardson, Tyler Bentley – 1978 Kawasaki KZ1000CSR


Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the sponsors including: Lincoln ElectricREV’IT,  TC BrosWorkshop Hero, Biltwell Helmets, Tyler Richardson Foundation and thanks to additional sponsors helping with making the show happen including: Haney Printing, Decal Impressions Printing, The Dunlap Cafe (host of our official after party) and the generous time and labor from members of the Cincinnati Cafe Racer club, who worked tirelessly to build, staff and execute the show. Without this stunning moto community that loves to come together to grow the community… this show would never happen.  Kudos.

See a nice photo spread on our Facebook page showcasing many of the bikes.  Also search social media with the hashtag #GarageBrewed and you’ll get an eye full. 
We will begin accepting nominations for the 2020 show on August 1st, 2019.  Watch this site and our social media pages for more information around those dates. 

Photos by Bill DeVore – President of Cincinnati Cafe Racer club

Additional photo by CCR Member Bruce Crippen