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Leftover by KrossOver customs
Leftover by KrossOver customs

Nominations Open Until DECEMBER 15th 2021!

The sixth annual Garage Brewed Moto show is a curated invitational show of 50+ motorcycles. These may be custom motorcycles, antique motorcycles, resto-mods, race bikes, rat bikes, mini bike, scooter etc.. You may know of some good bikes from around North America that we should consider.  We’d love to hear about it.

These may be custom bikes, resto-mods, classic/antique bikes, race bikes, or other oddities including mini bikes and scooters. Award categories include: Garage Custom, Pro Custom, Classic Bike, Race Bike, People’s Choice award, Mini bike and Scooter.

We will have a panel of distinguished judges who will decide the winners.  The People’s Choice award will still be voted on by the attendees.   The show will be from noon to midnight on Sat. January 29th 2022.

Submission Deadline is December 15th 2021. Only nominations of completed builds will be accepted (not “in progress” builds – we can’t judge what we can’t see).

Requirements for Nomination:

  1. 2-3 photos of the bike that show off its unique qualities
  2. A description of the bike including make/model/year (when available) and what makes it unique
  3. The full name, email, phone and postal address of the person who owns the bike (or is responsible for showing it).
  4. Send the above along with your contact information (if different than the nominee) to:
or snail mail at:
Garage Brewed Show
c/o CCR Moto Group
6710 Amsterdam Drive Liberty Twp, Ohio 45044

Our selection committee chooses the final fifty bikes and will be sending out congratulations or regrets via email on or about Dec. 28th.  Please check your spam folders!

The selection process will be difficult with hundreds of bikes submitted. All very deserving but the final fifty selected will prove to be an excellent show. The show is free to the public to attend, so please spread the word. or